Core Dances 2018-2019

This year we are again using a core repertoire of dances. However we are trying a different approach this year. Each of the core dances will be repeated for 5 weeks to ensure we get familiar with it and most callers will get a chance to call it.

Below is a list of the dances in the current core, with the dates when they will be called. If you would like a copy of the notation, please ask Malcolm or one of the other committee members. Please talk to Malcolm if anything is not clear in the instructions; he has taken them from the original source where he can.

The dances have been chosen to allow the callers to teach particular figures, styles and formations. Some of the dances are a bit of a challenge, so we won't get them right until we've done some practising. Others have been chosen because they are often dances at public dances, and some more practice will help us to enjoy them more.

We are still experimenting with the best way to approach core dances so please keep passing on feedback to any member of the committee.

Where possible, links to the notation for the dance have been included. No guarantees as to the content of other sites can be given! Note that we may be teaching a slight variant of what is published on the external web site. See also our links page for web sites which provide hints on dance (and calling) technique.

We might even become good enough to publish our own videos as a reference for others!

But, most important of all : Happy Dancing!

From To Dance Name Formation Source Music
4-Sep-182-Oct-18 Felicity
YouTube Video
One of the dancers in the video is Orly Krasner, who has called at our club.
4 couple longways Colin Hume Felicity by Dave Brown
CD: Connections
9-Oct-186-Nov-18 Picking Up Sticks
YouTube Video
3 couple longways Dancing Master 1651, 1st edition Own tune
CD: English Dancing Master Disk 2 Track 9
13-Nov-1811-Dec-18 Fluid Drive Square - 4 couples Ted Sanella 7 x 32bar American square
8-Jan-195-Feb-19 Father's Day 4 couple longways Gary Roodman Own tune
12-Feb-1912-Mar-19 Buffalo Stampede
YouTube video!
Note that this video shows it danced in a circle, which eliminates the strange end-effects.
We intend to do this in a longways set but this is an interesting variation.
Longways, becket formation,
even number of couples
Tom Hinds 32bar American Reel
TBATBA The Lonely Dandelion 4 couple longways Neil Stewart
An English Assortment
The Lonely Dandelion (32b waltz)
by Richard Stapledon
TBATBA Charlene's Celebration
YouTube Video
4 couple longways Gary Roodman Own Tune
Elizabethan Tango Man
CD: Band of Friends, Track 11
TBATBA O, A True Aphrodisiac John Daglish
Eight Times Six of the Best
Own tune
CD: 10 Tunes for 8 Times 6 Of The Best, Track 1

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