NFDG Virtual Club Nights

As we are currently not able to hold our dance club sesions at Lambley due to the need to maintain social distancing, we have started running Virtual Club Nights. During these events we have club and guest callers and either live or recorded music. The dances are designed or adapted to be done by just one or two people. To give an idea of how the dances work Malcolm has published the dances he has written or adapted - click here for the document

We are using the popular Zoom web conferencing tool. It's fairly easy to install and use and it allows those who want to, to see each other and others to see them.

Members and friends are welcome to attend and join in. We do not publish the Zoom event details in public for security reasons. You need to sign up for our email newsletter to receive details of the link to the event. Details change each week so look out for the latest details.

To download the Zoom app -

  • On a PC/Laptop:
    Go to the Zoom download page and choose "Zoom Client for Meetings".
    Follow the instructions to download the app to your PC.
    You don't need to create an account but it is free if you want to.
  • On a smartphone or tablet:
    Go to the App Store or Google Play and search for "Zoom Cloud Meetings".
    Follow the instructions to download and install the free app.

If you have problems installing the app you may be able to join from your web browser. Click here for details on how to join from a web browser eg: Chrome.
The Zoom website also has a lot of resources to help you learn how to use it.
You may have read some press reports of security issues with Zoom. Many of these same concerns apply to other web conferencing systems and we are following all the best advice on how to schedule on-line events and the settings to use to ensure that we are safe and secure.

A day or so before the event a newsletter will be sent out containing the link to the Zoom event. If you are having problems connecting do let us know. We are all learning how to get the best out of Zoom so bear with us as we learn together and have fun along the way.

Before the event, if you are intending to get up and join us in dancing, make sure you clear some space to dance in!

Finally, please mute your audio (microphone) if you are not talking to others on the call. Your computer picks up your side conversations very well. A good tip if you are using a laptop is to mute yourself then press & hold the space-bar when you want to talk to everyone.

Screenshots of our virtual dance sessions.